Baseball exist in Serbia for almost 20 years, but Kraljevo citizens didn`t have a chance to play it until year 2007. At the beginning at 2007., we founded a club and started to gather players. We are gathering junior league, at the moment, a 15 – year old boys and girls and have trainings 3 times a week. Some of our junior players participated in “Belgrade Trophy” comeptetition on June 2007. We are planing to gather a first team of players older than 15 and prticipate for national champions in 1. National League, and “Avirex” Baseball Premier League.
These are our future objectives,but development of baseball itself in Kraljevo is of an equal importance, because this sport, beside getting and improving physical and intellectual abilities, also bring fun and good time in our time. Therefor, we invite you to join us and become a part of  7 Crowns team.

New Members

Since 1st June 2007. Baseball Club 7 Crowns is ready for new members. We welcome everyone who wants to learn rules and be a baseball player! Contact us!

Training schedule

Summer scedule from 1. June to 1. September:
Thursday's at 5 P.M.
Suterday's at 5 P.M.
Sunday's at 5 P.M.

Trainings take place at “Elektrodistribucija” terrain in Sijaće Polje. For more into go to Contact page. Due to vacations, there will be no trainings from 10. July to 10 August 2007.
Winter schedule from 1. november to 1. March: Suterdays at 5 P.M.,
Sunday at 5 P.M.
Trainings take place at gim of “Svetozar Markovic” schooll. Due to winter-vacations and Christams Holydays, there will be no trainings from 20. December 2007. to 20. January 2008.

Photo: 7 Crowns on a tournament

From left to right: Christopher Coombs – coach, Srđan Ćosić – coach, Milica Milenković – 1stB, Milica Rovčnin – 2ndB, Gavrilo Maksić – OF, Nenad Jevtić – SS, Marko Stanojević –coach/catcher, Victor Gualdado – 3rdB, Scott Bannert – OF, Nikola Rovčanin – pitcher and Bojan Tošić – OF.

Baseball league for kids

In a following period during 2008., our club will be activly included in creating Serbian Baseball League for Chidren and according to its possibilities, support Serbian Baseball Union – SBU in this project.

A call for cooperation

BC 7 Crowns wishes to establish cooperation with baseball clubs, sport and other types of organisations and individuals, whose goals including as many young people and children into sports activities as possible and improving sport itself. We invite You to cooperate in order accoplpish a goal together. For futher information and suugestions about cooperation, please contact us using offered contact form.

Interesting things

Nikola pitching 88 mph

Nikola Đorđević, a 7 Crowns player had a chance to test his pitching stregth on Ada baseball festival. We asked one of american coaches to measure his ball pitching speed. From a 15 yd distance, Nikola pitch a ball to a catcher around 20 times with avarage speed of 88 mph, once even 89 mph. Just for comparation top MLB pithing speed is up to 100 mph. Nikola started training in our club just a few moths ago, and still doesent have his own tehique, and he can be a real star in baseball, if he gets seriously dedicated to it. Nikola is born in Kraljevo, 24 years old and ex-gymnacist.

7 Crowns, Angels & Đole Balašević

2007. Baseball festival was viewed by many people, some come to learn baseball rules, some to cheer up their favourite crews. Among them, there was a famous song writer and singer Đorđe Balašević, who came to support his son, BC Novi Sad player. During the tournament, Balašević came to 7 Crowns dugout and meeet the crew. Kraljevo BC 7 Crowns and BC Angels from Čačak photographed with Đole.

November 2007. - Čačak
Friendy games of Angels & 7 Crowns

On Saturday, 11/10/2007. at Čačak baseball field was a friendly practice game between Angels and 7 Crowns. On a friendly paractice games for juniors, Čačak and Kraljevo club’s juniors selections officially performed for a first time in Čačak town. Čačak and Kraljevo baseballs teams totally played two games, Čačak Angels at the first game  won Kraljevo, and on the second game Kraljevo 7 Crowns beat BC Angels. Most important on that hapening was  a development of friendship and sports spirit. Čačak team was lead by Christopher Coombs, american baseball representations selector, and Kraljevo team was lead by coach Srđan Ćosić. BC 7 Crowns thanks Čačak juniors and seniors, and coach Crhis Coombs and all players who were included in the games and all others who supported this happening. Čačak local television station „Galaxy“ published a video report about games where team’s from Čačak and Kraljevo performed for a first time in Čačak.

 September 2007. - Kraljevo
Baseball promotion program at Kraljevo

On October 03. year 2007. Kraljevo Baseball Club 7 Crowns was visited by Nikola Vučević - Vučko, secretary general of Serbian Baseball Union (SBU), Siniša Vadjić – Red, BC Dogs player and Jan Pirgl, coach from Czeh Republic. In biggest town school “IV kraljevački bataljon”, children from 5. to 8. grade had a chance to learn the rules and games basic elements, and saw the baseball and try baseball equipment. Vučević, Vajdić and Pirgl was working with about over 200 students present at this promotions. During promotion of baseball, school was visited by a Serbian national team selector, Christopher Coombs. School principal and her deputy Nikola Radović and physical education teachers in this greatest elementary schools helped club and this happening, as well. BC 7 Crowns also thanks to Vučević, Vajdić and Prigl for great support. Promotion and baseball practice in Kraljevo, was be organised through to the baseball support program by Serbian Baseball Union – SBU, with support of Confederation of Europe Baseball (CEB) and Major Baseball League (MLB).

September 2007. - Belgrade
First BC 7 Crowns competetion

During Baseball festival 2007., on a tournament for 16-years old children, kraljevo club’s junior selection officially performed for a first time. Crown’s team consisted of: Bojan Tošić (13), Milica Milenković (13), Nikola Rovčanin (12) and Milica Rovčanin (14), Kraljevo team’s cathcher was their assisting coach Marko Stanojević and as a support on a pithing machine was a senior slection player Nikola Đorđević. Kraljevo team was assited by American Scoot Bannert, and Gavrilo Maksimović of BC Angels Čačak, Nenad Jevtić BC Vojvode from Belgrade, and Mexican Victor Gualdado, everybody aged to the 15 years. Kraljvo baseball team totally played three games, two were lost, first by BC Gradnulica from Zrenjanin, and second by BC Belgrade ’96. In a third game for a fifth place on a tournament, team from Kraljevo beat BC Dogs crew and won their first competition. With coach’s Srđan Ćosić consultations the team was lead by Christopher Coombs, american baseball representations selector. BC 7 Crowns thanks coach Crhis Coombs and all players who joined our team at the tournament and all others who supported us.

September 2007. - Belgrade 
US friends donation for 7 Crowns

At a 2007. Baseball festival baseball club 7 Crowns received a significant donation of a baseball equipment thanks to Christopher Coombs and his friends from USA, Bobby Leonard, Greg Duff and Joe Donelson. Sports equipment donated by american coaches consiszs of cathcers equipment, baseball gloves, bats and balls. Gaining this donation BC 7 Crowns is enabled to work with kids and young people in a vater better conditions than before. On 7 Crowns club and team`s behalf, we thanks our donors for equipment as well education and support they provided.

September 2007. - Belgrade 
Clinc for Serbian coaches and players

On Sunday, 09/23/2007. at Ada Ciganlija baseball field was a seminar for coaches and gamers, and also torunament for 16-years old children. Lecturers were American baseball experts Joe Donelson, Greg Duff, Bobby Leonard and Christopher Coombs.The coach quartet beside game`s basic, showed a plenty of coach`s and player`s tips and trick, that will help Serbian baseball coaches and players in order to improve their crews. Tournament for juniors, as well as seminar was reliased in Serbian Baseball Union, Europian Baseball Confederation, US Christian Organisation and Major League Baseball (MLB).

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